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Many years ago the technology of live streaming seemed impossible in the radar of churches, wedding chapels, and even funerals. At the moment, the process is applicable to most churches due to the availability of suitable technology and is a great marketing investment. There are some requirements that are very necessary for the process to work effectively and they include a Camera, Cable/ converter box, a computer, and internet connection. Each of them play a major role in the activity.

1. The camera- The cameras are usually available in different sizes ranging from large ones to small ones. Church can start from the small one and keep upgrading with time in case the big one is much expensive. The camera are used to take videos and pictures that are later uploaded.

2. Cable/ converter box- The FireWire cable is the best to be used for the live streaming. It is connected from the camera to the computer. Configuration should be done to allow the computer to receive video connection. The cable is useful for transmission of data.

3. The computer-It is used to process data to useful information. The computer used should have nice features like high processing speed and a good memory to improve the efficiency during live stream process.

4. The internet connection- There is need of a high-speed internet for live streaming in the church. The right capacity can be 10MB of download and 1.5MB upload. This will work well for websites of medium size churches who have had everything properly created and installed.

The suitable software is also required to drive the streaming process. In case the streaming computer is used, there is a free download of the software known as Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.
The online ministry can feel very comfortable with many people especially those who grew up on a steady diet of new technology since technology is what they keep interacting with. The study shows that young couple who have just got into a new environment especially in town will prefer watching church’s live stream also live sermons are nowadays attracting many people.



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